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Charlie's Story

January 2007:  Charlie is a 15 month old chocolate labrador who has undergone replacement operations in both hips, at considerable financial cost to both his insurance company and owners, not to mention the heartache and difficulties the family have faced as a result of the problems he has had. 

Following his operations, Charlie is now thankfully fit and well, but his problems originated because he was bought as a non-KC registered pet whose parents had not undergone any health tests.  the lack of contact with the original breeder means it is impossible to establish whether or not any of his siblings have also suffered from problems.

Charlie is one of the lucky Labradors, he has found a family that adore him, and have the patience and commitment to stand by him through his troubles, many other labs with similar fates to Charlie are not so lucky, with some ending up in rescue centres, or worse still, being Put to Sleep, through no fault of their own.

You can read the full story about Charlie here.

or (get the tissues ready) View his Montage here

If you have a lab who has encountered health problems, and would like to share your story with others, then please let us know.  All personal identifiers will be removed unless you give your permission to the contrary.


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