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Labrador Health


January 2007 Survey results

The Labrador Health Survey will continue to be amended as improved as more feedback is received from respondents and responsible breeders.  The survey focused on single labrador owners and asked questions on:

33 responses were achieved over a two week period.  The following results were obtained *(where respondents stated they were unsure about a health status of an unregistered pup, these results have been absorbed into the "no" responses)

The small number of respondents to date make it difficult to draw accurate conclusions considering Labradors account for approximately 1/5th of the c.250,000 puppies registered with the KC, year on year

The results do however show some worrying trends.

Colour Distribution

  • 18% Yellow

  • 55% Black

  • 27% Chocolate


KC Registration

1 in 4 of respondents puppies were NOT KC registered

Pie chart showing 24% of puppies not KC registered, 76% are


Hip Scores

Only 58% of respondents Labradors parents has been hip scored

Hip Scored Parents - 58% Yes, 38% No, 3% uncertain

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Current Eye Certificates

55% of the Labradors parents had Clear Eye certificates.   A number stated they were shown 'expired' certificates, but did not have the knowledge to recognise this

 Line graph showing 55% of parents with Clear eye certificate, 39% without, and 6% unsure

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Elbow Scores

Only 27% of all respondents parents had been Elbow scored

Graph showing distribution of Elbow scored parents - Yes 27%, No 58% and Unsure, 15%

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